Mechanics, motors and pumps, lighting, heating


The proposed utility model belongs to the energy sector that uses natural, environmentally friendly, renewable energy sources and can be used to generate electricity in places where lands are not suitable for agriculture, for example in Chernobyl zone and other places where there is a need for autonomous electricity generators. It can be used as a peak power plant and, in the future, as the alternative for nuclear power plants.

Differential geared variator

The offered utility model can solve several problems of different mechanisms. One of them is the problem of decreasing costs on producing complex stepped gearing which gearing can never work in its optimal mode. Also there are the problems of converting an alternating current into direct current for ground transport, power saving and simplification of operator’s work.

The device for domestic use boiler

The utility model is related to the field of heat-and-power engineering and can be used for increasing the efficiency coefficient of domestic boilers with surface heating of coolant. The basic problem solved by the model is to increase the coefficient of efficiency of domestic use boilers with surface heating of coolant. This is realized by the use of the device for domestic boilers, built according to method of surface heating of coolant (all rights belong to the inventor Vasil Pavlenko).

Gravity power generator

The engineering solution is related to the field of power engineering and can be used as a source of non-expensive mechanical and electric power for all branches of economy. This power generator consists on one starting and two basic parts, namely, power creating and power transforming part.

Ignition plug for an internal combustion engine

The invention is related to the field of electric equipment for internal combustion engines, namely to the devices for fuel compound ignition. According to the invention, the special construction of lateral electrode of the ignition plug allows to obtain better rates of engine work in comparison with traditional construction of ignition plug due to better fuel compound inflammation in the combustion chamber of an engine.