Ignition plug for an internal combustion engine

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The invention is related to the field of electric equipment for internal combustion engines, namely to the devices for fuel compound ignition. According to the invention, the special construction of lateral electrode of the ignition plug allows to obtain better rates of engine work in comparison with traditional construction of ignition plug due to better fuel compound inflammation in the combustion chamber of an engine.

The offered construction of the ignition plug provides even inflammation of fuel compound in the combustion chamber that helps to decrease the ejection of toxic wastes into atmosphere, increases power and efficiency of an internal combustion engine.

The advantages of the offered ignition plug for internal combustion engine in comparison with existing analogs are:

  • increase of engine’s power;
  • increase of efficiency output;
  • decrease of the toxic wastes ejection;
  • simpleness of construction

The fact that the invention uses the offered variant of a lateral electrode does not change the construction of other elements of a traditional ignition plug. This helps to re-orientate any working plant to the offered variant of an ignition plug with minimal cost for pre-producing preparation.

The authors of the invention have tested the set of ignition plugs on a VAZ-2106 car. The owner of the patent will consider any proposal for future cooperation.


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