The method of vacuum skin cleansing by Indrikson

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The invention is related to the field of medicine, especially to dermatovenereology and cosmetology and can be used to treat pyodermatites.

The method includes clinical tests, diagnostics and treatment. The said treatment is performed by applying to the disinfected skin a suction cup belonging to the vacuum skin cleansing device. The characteristic feature of the method is that as a suction cup author uses a disposable micro pipette made to obtain blood samples, which is fastened to the device with the use of a rubber tube. The pipette is serially applied to pustules or comedones with a light movement. The content of pustule or comedone will be extracted to the disposable pipette.

The vacuum treatment process will open skin pores and help to effectively treat skin from pustules and sebum. Also it improves lymph drainage, normalizes sebum glands’ work, helps to better exfoliate dead skin cells, and stimulates blood circulation. The positive effect of skin treatment from pus, comedones, blackheads and sebum clogs is that cleansing process is made not by human hands but by a device without any skin damage. Vacuum skin cleansing is considered a light process.

The described method has minimal traumatic effect, is painless and makes the treatment easy and elegant.

The use of the described method can avoid negative effect of a bigger suction cup; prevent ingress of pus into blood. It also accelerates the process of healing and gives immediate positive result.

The effectiveness of the method is proven by clinical tests.


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